Who am I

My name is Midas Schonewille and I am a game programmer from Utrecht, The Netherlands. During high school I already knew what subject I was going to study. I have had a fascination with computers my whole life and I have been programming since I was 14 years old. Another passion of mine was (and still is) gaming, so when I stumbled upon the Gametechnology university study given in my hometown, I was instantly sold. After getting my bachelor's degree, I started looking at a master's. This also was a very easy choice, as I wanted to keep developing myself and my programming skills and the master Game and Media Technology allowed me to do just that. Right now I've just finished my masters degree and I'm looking for a job in game development. However, I'm also interested in other computer science subjects and I've always had an interest in teaching. Most of my interests within computer science lie with gaming, but machine learning topics also appeal to me very much. I would like to think of myself as a "general purpose" programmer with affinities for certain subjects, but no strict limitations. Further hobbies of mine include (but are not limited to) chess, watching movies and grabbing a beer with friends.




Problem solving